Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rockin' Green for Cloth Diaper Laundry!

I have been cloth diapering for a year now, and I started out using Planet, but we still had occasional stink issues. Then my niece, another cloth diapering momma, turned me on to Rockin' Green. Ever since I tried it, I switched and never looked back. I recommend it all the time. It's affordable, gets the stink out, and leaves my diapers clean and fresh. (And with an almost 2 year old, I only do diaper laundry twice a week now, and I still never have stink problems!)

Rockin' Green has always come in Classic Rock (for normal water) and Soft Rock (for soft water or very sensitive skin) formulas. Today they are releasing their new Hard Rock formula for people with hard to very hard water, and reviews from testers have been fabulous! So if you're one of those cloth diapering families who constantly battles stink due to hard water issues, give it a try!