Friday, June 12, 2009

Smartipants Diapers

Smartipants are a new brand of one-size pocket diapers. I have a couple of testers and like them. They seem a lot like BumGenius diapers, complete with suedecloth inners -- except they have snaps. They cost less than most pocket diapers and the price includes a microfiber insert. Plus, they offer a 3-pack that gives a substantial discount. (Most other cloth diaper packages only save about 25 cents a diaper, which annoys me.)

I got my testers a few weeks ago. I think the fit is pretty good on my my tall, skinny 14 month old. I also talked to another mom who had a tester and she was also happy with the fit on her even smaller toddler. I'm not sure how they would work fully snapped down, because the insert is rather large. I guess you're supposed to fold the insert when the diaper is snapped down? As far as the sizing goes, I have used it snapped down one and on the largest setting, and both work for my daughter. Either way, the side flaps touch in the middle, so there is definitely room for a much bigger baby/toddler to wear these diapers.

Technically, instead of a pocket, it is a sleeve with openings at the front and back. I found the sleeve rather hard to stuff, because I think the insert is a bit too wide, but it does seem to stay in place once it's there. I haven't noticed an issue with the insert poking/coming out either end. And it definitely comes out on its own in the wash, as advertised - I've tested that many times. I also let my daughter completely SOAK the diaper by having her wear it longer than I normally would, and it held a LOT with no leaks.

My only complaints are that I don't like suedecloth (that's one of the reasons I got rid of my BumGenius diapers), and I think the sleeve is a bit hard to stuff. But it does fit my daughter nicely...

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